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Leading innovation in Office Workplace through Design

Custom designed and engineered products that improve your workplace efficiency. Our designers are constantly working towards producing more ecologically responsible designs.

When we have to use a limited set of resources, we are forced to be creative. Very often, the result is a solution that is elegant, inexpensive, and efficient.

- Paul Sloane

Fuego's solution for workplaces

Fuego brings design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise. As collaboration becomes key to drive team success and business outcomes, the workplaces needs to support various levels of interactions. With 15 years of experience behind us, we at Fuego understand the varying degree of interactions and privacy that individuals and project teams need. We help our customers and architects design workplaces which cater to these changing business environments thereby increasing performance and user satisfaction.

Fuego has designed a comprehensive range of products ranging from Agile Systems, Desking Systems, Height Adjustable System and Partition Systems to address simple as well as complex business needs of the workplace. These systems can be customized to address each customer’s workplace requirements. We would be happy to share more details and help you in your transformation journey.

Fuego was incorporated in 2001 to provide customized workplace solutions with our own design and manufacturing facility. Derived from “fire” in Spanish, Fuego embodies energy, and passion in design.

Till date, Fuego has delivered over 40 million square feet of workplace with over 240,000 workstations. These installations are spread across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. For several of our clients, we do multiple projects across the globe as part of their expansion bringing in new design to support their workplace transformation..

Fuego manufacturing facility is based out of Whitefield in Bangalore with a annual capacity of 35,000 workstations.

Fuego is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 TUV certified company. Several of Fuego’s clients are able to obtain LEED Platinum rating using Fuego’s products.

Management Team

S. Gomathy
Gomathy is best known as a product dreamer and for his ability to question status quo by his industry peers. He has over twenty years of experience in sales and management, including leadership roles in furniture, design, and technology companies. He is a Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduate degree in Management from Southern New Hampshire College, and a certificate in occupational ergonomics from Colorado State University. He is currently pursuing his research on sales process quality as a part time scholar.
Jim Archer
Jim has over 20 years of leadership experience in the contract furniture industry from manufacturing through distribution. He is driven by a passion to build strong relationships and is unrelenting in delivering success to his customers. Jim has a bachelor degree from Grand Valley State University in Business with an emphasis in Sales and Marketing.

Kumar Jayanath
Director – Marketing & Logistics
Kumar has 28 years of experience in sales in the erosion control and environment conservation industry. He has worked extensively on large capital intensive land reclamation projects in all the 48 continental states in the US and in Alaska & Hawaii. He has experience in import of geotextiles, beachfront stabilization products, and erosion control products made from various natural fibers. Kumar holds a B A in journalism from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.
Peter Laass
Director – Europe
Peter heads the European business at Fuego. He has over 25 years of experience at senior management levels in various industries, mainly Communication, IT, and Hospitality. Peter studied Politics & Administration at Fernuniversitaet Hagen and holds a Business Administration Degree from the Industrial Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt.

Rajnish Radhakrishnan
Director – Engineering
Rajnish heads the Engineering and Manufacturing function at Fuego. Prior to Fuego, he was Head of Product Development & Quality with International Paper, USA at Oregon and Wisconsin. Rajnish has also worked with Mitsui Corporation, Japan, and Farsund Management, Norway. He has a Masters in Manufacturing from Cornell University, USA, and MBA from IIM, Bangalore. Rajnish also heads Fuego CSR initiative promoting organic farming.

Project Management

Fuego's products are designed and manufactured such that site installations can be carried out very quickly. Our highly trained and experienced project management teams makes dealing with us a breeze. Fuego has carried out installations in over 18 million square feet of office spaces.Our project management is broken down into three easy steps.
Hand over approved drawings to the Fuego team.
Ensure site is clean and ready for installation.
Take over the installation when completed.