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Desking Systems

The modern office is evolving into a collaborative space. As teams become smaller, these systems need to support individual preference, at the same time requirement of various business functions like IT, HR, finance, and R&D. We can transform any workplace with creative and realistic solutions.

Agile Systems

Today business demands agility, right from manufacturing process to software development. The workplace is also evolving to support these transformations. Agile systems are designed to meet the changing requirements by offering easy reconfiguration. We have developed systems which can be easily reconfigured by the user.

Sit and Stand Systems

Sit to Stand concepts is designed to support your natural body movement. Fuego offers a range of sit-to-stand solutions for the entire office, which includes height adjustable workstation with various configurations.

Partition Systems

Creates more privacy and concentrated activity requiring larger work areas with more sound insulation. We can create a workplace for both individual and collaboration. Fuego has pioneered all Aluminum non-corrosive framework with die cast plated end caps, bolted and secure components to meet these demands required of large office workplace.